Avoiding Mistakes. Übungen und Kopiervorlagen

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Selbsttest, Übungen und Kopiervorlagen, um die häufigsten Fehler im Englischen zu vermeiden

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AVOIDING MISTAKES. A comprehensive guide to avoiding the biggest mistakes in written and spoken English
von Malcolm Shuttleworth
111 Seiten, A4-Format

It is almost impossible for someone who is learning the language to write a text or e-mail or hold a conversation in English without making mistakes. But it is possible to avoid the silly little mistakes. The quickest and easiest way to improve your spoken and written English is to avoid these mistakes.

This book is based on the repeated mistakes I have encountered in the classroom over the last 10 years. It is a step-by-step comprehensive guide to improving your English by avoiding the many pitfalls of the English language.

Each section is designed as follows:

  • On the left hand page you will find examples of the mistakes, then clearly explained advice and explanations to avoid making these mistakes in future.
  • On the right hand page you are given the chance to practice avoiding these particular kinds of mistakes.

This book can be used as a self-help guide for students who have a working knowledge of English or photocopied by teachers to use in the classroom.

Some of the biggest issues:

  • Using the wrong verbs,
  • Negatives,
  • Make & Do,
  • Look/Watch - Hear/Listen
  • Auxiliary Verbs,
  • Understanding the different Tenses,
  • Mixed Tenses,
  • Say or Tell,
  • Using the Aposthrophe,
  • Active & Passive.

Yours, Malcolm Shuttleworth

Über den Autor
Malcolm Shuttleworth ist ein 54-jähriger, qualifizierter Englischlehrer aus Manchester. Er lebt seit 19 Jahren in Deutschland und arbeitet als selbstständiger Englischlehrer in Leverkusen und Umgebung. Neben Privatunterricht bietet Malcolm Business Englisch bei lokalen Firmen und diverse Kurse in Grundschulen, Gymnasien und Kindergärten an.

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