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Exploring English. Vol. 2

Exploring English: A Journey of Guided Discovery Through the Rules of English. Volume 2.

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Exploring English: A Journey of Guided Discovery Through the Rules of English. Volume 2.
von Alan Marsh
106 pages, A4-format

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If you are going to become a teacher of English - or if you are already a teacher - you know that it is not enough to be able to speak and write English well - you also need to know how English works, and to be able to give explanations and to answer learners' questions.
Or you may be a proficient user of English and are intrigued by - and would like to know more about - the explicit language systems underlying what people say and write spontaneously.
By means of a wide-ranging series of guided discovery tasks, this book engages you and involves you as you explore and develop your awareness of how the English language works.
The book explores grammar, functions, vocabulary, pronunciation and discourse systems and rules. It also includes examples of typical learner errors.
The book also contains a glossary of language terms and a full key to all the tasks and commentaries. It can therefore be used as a course book on teacher training courses and/or for self-study. Many of the exercises are also ideal for using with higher-level learners, especially those preparing for IELTS, Cambridge CAE and Proficiency and for those preparing for their Abitur, Baccalauréat, Maturità and similar higher education examinations.


  • An inductive, problem-solving approach to grammar, lexis, phonology and discourse
  • Builds teachers' and higher-level learners' confidence by equipping them with a solid base in terminology and pedagogic knowledge of the systems of English - and includes an extensive glossary of terms
  • Provides typical learner errors and deals with common areas of learner difficulty including: futures, conditionals, the perfect aspect, modal verbs, phrasal verbs
  • Clear, logical, step-by step approaches to describing and understanding language
  • Written in clear, accessible language
  • Many units are divided into levels: level 1 contains basic information and level 2 is for those who want to delve deeper
  • Practice activities
  • Full answer key and commentaries

About the Author
Alan Marsh has been living and working in Malta since 1993. He is a full-time English Language teacher, teacher educator and materials writer and has 30 years’ experience in teaching General English to adults and teenagers, and Business English to adults, mainly in Italy (where he worked with International House, Rome) and Malta. He is widely experienced as a Director of Studies and as a Director of Teacher Training in various educational institutions.


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